About Us

Founded in 1993, Radixx International built the first Windows-based airline reservations system.  The Radixx Air Passenger Services System (PSS) was designed and engineered from the beginning to allow an airline to sell anything, through any channel (whether direct, GDS, ticketless or ETicketed), using any form of payment.

With the innovations surrounding the Internet, the natural progression of airline’s moving away from just the sale of seats to the sale of practically everything and anything, in addition to the fare, was inevitable.  Radixx founder, Chairman and CEO, Ron Peri, saw this trend in different industries – where the downsizing of mainframe architecture was being embraced.  He brought his experience from other industries into the airline industry and has been leading the way forward for cutting edge technology and rationalization of the aviation industry since. 

Built from the ground up as an enterprise reservations platform, not just an inventory management system, Radixx uses the power and scalability of the Oracle relational database.  The system boasts native Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) throughout, eliminating green screens and command line prompts found in the older TPF based systems.

In addition, Radixx was the first system to operate totally over the Internet, but Radixx also understood the need for IATA Standard connectivity for GDS, Codeshares and Interlines.  Radixx supports ALL distribution channels.  The system was built for any business model, not just an LCC model or a traditional model, and is optimized for the emerging hybrid merchandising model airline.  Additionally, Radixx has sought to bypass third parties wherever possible to reduce distribution costs for its partner airlines.

Radixx International is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, USA and has additional representation in India and South Africa.  By centralizing all development in Orlando, the products and services received by our airline partners remain consistent and are of the highest quality.  Radixx hosts over 30 airlines in its Tier III/IV Data Centre in Orlando.

Mission Statement:  To be the technology leader in creating and hosting PSS solutions for airlines of all sizes by:

  • Enabling powerful systems that deliver maximum profitability to airlines of all business models
  • Providing flexible systems to enable airlines to compete effectively in a rapidly changing marketplace
  • Supplying comprehensive systems to track and manage customers
  • Offering connected systems that can effectively use new and existing distribution channels